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576STZY-001 Shinkai Saki

Osaka is Dotonbori. The person who was meeting on this day was Saki Shinkai, a former Japanese swimmer who is about to make her AV debut. She has a brilliant track record and has won gold medals at junior world championships in high school. Her 175 cm tall and her slender legs are beautiful. She has become accustomed to swimming, and she seems to have no hesitation in exposing her skin, so her shoulders and shorts are so sexy! She is preparing to shoot her debut work the next day, and this day is a test shoot. After visiting her hometown of Saki and visiting the swimming schools and schools that she continued to attend, she entered a love hotel and started SEX! She says she’s not nervous because she’s experienced the big stage in the world, but when she’s undressed she’s naturally ashamed of the maiden! It was Saki who forgot to shoot her and was absorbed in pleasure.