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JAV Online 107HISN-017 こう見えて経験人数3桁超え 元砲丸投げ選手弘前綾香(23)【配信専属】SOD新人AVデビュー 165cm 61kg B:92(E) W:78 H:103 弘前綾香

Ms. Hirosaki from Aomori prefecture who has participated in the Inter-High. Since I was a student life with no romance at a sports powerhouse school, my first experience was late 21 years old. She was originally a masturbation enthusiast, and she was addicted to SEX and is now a perverted country girl with over 100 experienced people. She usually works at a credit union window. Fair-skinned, bristle, and easy-to-deliver body type “I’m good at handling balls … Teru”

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